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Kinga co-hosted a show about politics, was a regular face at sustainability conferences and Green Chamber meetings.  She was also spreading a sustainable message of love through a green magazine.

Quita Jackson has been producing segments at ABC15 since 2000, but like Kinga, her real mission was to focus on making the world better.  She wanted to do the stories that really mattered. Through her website, GreenDesert.org, Quita has shown millions of people thrifty ways to live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Once Kinga and Quita met, it was instant chemistry.

We had so many ideas of what we wanted this show to represent and in the end our common goal was to inspire everyone to have the mindset of what they could do to make the world a better place.  We want to motivate people to look at the world in the sense of always leaving it better than the way we found it. From there our motto was born…“Saving the Planet One Show at a Time.

Our network has more than 7 million listeners so we use that huge platform to share the businesses who are trying to be more sustainable.  We frequent those places through several platforms, we tell our listeners to do the same.

It’s great exposure for businesses because it brings them customers who may have never heard of them or who will visit them because of what they are doing!

It inspires more businesses to be green and in turn making our world a better place… One Show at a Time.

We’ve earned the name “Green Police”, showing how easy it is to do one green thing per day.