Road-tripping and making our city clean! Episode 70

April 3, 2018

President of ASU sustainability alumni and co-founder of China Mist, John Martinson, is going on a 31 day, 1,000-mile sustainable road trip with his son on April 22nd. They’re driving a Tesla, which John happens to have two of in his household. John encourages people to switch to at least one electric car in a household. His cars charge themselves with the roof of the vehicle. He wants to road trip with purpose, so he reached out to ASU professors to see who he wanted to donate this trip to. After careful consideration, he settled on Rocky Mountain Institute and became their brand ambassador. The School of Sustainability is, now promoting Rocky Mountain and this trip. There’s going to be a public blog where viewers can share their road trip experiences. In the Green Room is happy to be sponsoring it! This is cool and all, but John impressed us with much more than just his road trip. He used to be vegetarian but now he is vegan and eats from his own garden.

When it comes to those things we all have to have that are unsustainable, Martinson recommends you find out what the impact is and donate money to a project that offsets that impact.

Our second guest was the communications director for Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona campaign, Pita Juarez.  She told us their ballot initiative is for Arizona to run off of 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Arizona is currently running off of 12-15% renewable energy.  Juarez says the sun is free so, in a state like Arizona, it is absolutely possible to achieve this goal.

People are being born with asthma and losing it once they move out of Arizona, this just shows how bad air quality is here.

Clean energy is energy produced without fossil fuels and massive pollution. They need 226K signatures, so be sure to check out their website! Martin and Jim from JUNK the Band got us all to sing along to their version of Let It Be and got us feelin’ alright after their second song! Jason closed the show with “My EV Goes, No Emissions”!

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Paul Hawking & Emeri Lovins: National Capitalism


Written by Jodi Guerrero