To Be in A Relationship or Not to Be in A Relationship, that is the Question … Episode 63

February 13, 2018

Some of us like Valentine’s Day and some of us don’t. Either way, we have relationship advice for you to use any day of the year!The media portrays Valentine’s Day as only romantic, but don’t dwell on not having somebody, just celebrate with someone you love; or treat yourself to some self-love and gift yourself this Valentine’s Day. You have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Over the course of time, relationships have evolved and are completely different from now to when our parents or grandparents dated. One of our guests, Judy Cunningham, has been married for 61 years and she tells us her husband fell in love at first sight and said he couldn’t live without her. Judy accredited her lasting marriage with 5 kids to God and pushing through the good and bad times. Judy’s mother gave her some advice: you have the agony and the ecstasy. Her husband now struggles with Alzheimer’s but she’s staying by his side because she takes her“till death do you part” vow seriously. It’s all part of their relationship journey and this is just one of the stages. You must be unselfish. Judy’s daughter and our second guest, Bridgett Costello, has been married for 28 years. Her relationship tip for early stages is not to lay all your cards on the table too soon because then there’s no mystery. You can’t have the mindset that everything is going to be perfect or else your relationship won’t last. Take interest in each other’s hobbies and try them together. You want a great relationship when together, but still allow each other to have time apart. Being right isn’t as important as forgiveness and your relationship. Quita chimed in saying neither person in the relationship can read minds, so don’t expect someone to know what you want; if you want something say it.After serenading us all, Jim Bachmann told us when he was a young boy he wished to be surrounded by beautiful women and now he has a wife of 20 years and four daughters. So sweet! Just like Judy’s husband, Jim’s dad experienced love at first sight when he saw Jim’s mom at a concert. Toward the end of the show, our U of A interns share their efforts in trying to help the college become more sustainable. They reached out to the environment and sustainability club and once they hear back, they want to start a contest where students come up with ways to help the earth. The winner gets to be a guest, so stay tuned!

Written by Jodi Guerrero